Double up to cool down…

A common misconception around base layers is that adding an extra layer causes the athlete to become warmer and perspire more, which can affect performance levels.

MIZOS base layers use revolutionary evaporation technology which keeps the athlete cooler and provides freedom of movement, leading to marginal gains and optimised performance.

our fabric sizing

A Scientific Process…

The MIZOS performance range has been created for the world of professional sport, using our innovative wicking and evaporation technologies.

We keep athletes cool, comfortable and dry at all times.

During exercise, the body cools through perspiration, and the MIZOS performance base layer wicks the moisture from skin side, spinning it through the layers of the fabric until it is evaporated through the air side via thousands of recessed pockets, which are knitted into the fabric.

state of the art sizing

From plastic to yarn…

Sustainability is at the heart of MIZOS products and company ethos. 

Our innovative fabric is manufactured with recycled plastic, helping to protect the planet. 

Recycled plastic bottles go through a granulation process, turning the plastic into yarn, which is knitted into our unique, technically designed fabric. 

MIZOS then expertly manufacture our performance range. 

Manufactured in the UK…

We believe in supporting local businesses, using local talent and are fully committed to UK manufacturing. 

Not only are we actively reducing our carbon footprint by manufacturing in the UK, transport and distribution costs are also lower and ultimatly give us more control over our product.