MIZOS caters for athletes at all levels, from grassroots footballers to Premier League stars, and from weekend riders to competitive cyclists.

To meet the different needs of our athletes and their variable measurements, we offer two sizing disciplines.

Firstly, we offer ‘off the shelf’ sizing for amateur athletes, with sizes ranging from small (S) to extra large (XL).

This sizing option gives the wearer all the benefits of our patented MIZOS technology and innovations, with the convenience of regular sizing.

Secondly, for professional athletes and professional sports teams or organisations, MIZOS offers a ground breaking, bespoke sizing option.

With this option, each individual player is privately scanned for 30 seconds by our revolutionary body mapping technology.

The athlete’s measurements are then fed straight into our manufacturing systems, and 10 layers of custom made fabric are delivered with precision cutting.

This means that we are able to provide our professional athletes and teams with their own perfectly fitting performance garments, crafted for each individual.