New Zealand cricketer Daryl Mitchell with director of Mizos Apparel


Prior to starting Mizos Geoff raced in National and International XCO Mountain bike and Cyclo-cross, lining up against former Olympians. Geoff would go to extreme lengths to be successful against such outstanding talent, such as sleeping in an altitude tent set at 5000 metres to increase red blood cells.

Knowing marginal gains make the difference between winning and losing, 0.2 of a second in each corner makes a difference as does feeling fresh and dry at the end of a race. In the chase for marginal gains he set about designing the very best sporting performance clothing on the planet, creating the Fresco base layer, delivering quantifiable performance gains.

Image of a cyclist, covered in mud competing in a cross country event


Whether you are competing at the highest sporting level possible, or are striving to better yourself by engaging in sporting activities. Taking part in various sports can often be a formidable and draining task. Pushing through your threshold will more often than not lead to injury. Thus our base layers at Mizos.

Our base layers at Mizos are a tight-fit article of clothing that wraps around your skin. Once you begin to perspire due to the heat, our base layers will absorb your perspiration which means you will no longer carry your body weight around.

These state of the art articles of clothing also reduce the chances of injuries whilst also speeding up the recovery process. This is due to compression. This assists in blood flow along with delayed muscle fatigue and increased performance.

Elevate your game with Mizos.

leeds united football player acknowledging the fans as he celebrates


Through our extensive outreach, we have already amassed a large amount of interest. Especially from major teams from multiple sports such as football and rugby. One such example is Leeds. One of the most prestigious teams in all of England. Leeds are a massively popular team all over the world.

Other football teams have expressed interest in our base layers such as Blackpool and Blackburn Rovers. Well, renowned cricket teams, Leicestershire Foxes and Lancashire Cricket Club have also expressed in our game-changing base layers.

Our goal at Mizos is to get our state-of-the-art base layers into the hands of acclaimed sporting teams – as well as anyone who wishes to improve their sporting potential.