Performance clothing for rugby by MIZOS elevates players’ performances and maximises their potential, without compromising on comfort and quality. This is the highest level of performance clothing, and the sky is the limit to your potential with MIZOS, as we continue to push the boundaries with technological advances and game changing innovations. 

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Techincal INFO

Performance Base Layer

Get under the skin of your own performance and reach the try line faster than the opposition. MIZOS rugby performance base layers feature shoulder padding, and harness methods and materials, such as high quality, vector spun yarn and jacquard knitting patterns. With 4 layers from skin side to air side, and mechanically knitted venturis, this clothing allows rugby players to go harder, for longer.

Perfomance Support Shorts

Made from high quality lycra and offering maximum muscle support, MIZOS rugby performance shorts are designed with winning in mind. Our innovative design and variable support styles mean that players benefit from the peace of mind they need, whether that’s hernia support or otherwise, allowing them to play and train with maximum comfort and to reach optimal performance.

Perfomance Socks

Rugby is played in all weathers, but not all performance socks are created equal. MIZOS performance socks are built to last, from a new blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. This offers superb comfort for sport, a tight fit, and superior grip, made possible by our unique silicon technology, featuring the MIZOS logo and preventing all kinds of unwanted foot movement in the boot.