Why stay one small step ahead of the competition, when you could make several giant leaps? With the outstanding range of football performance clothing from MIZOS, footballers from the Barclays Premier League, right through the footballing pyramid to grassroots, can gain a winning advantage over the competition. 

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Techincal INFO

Performance Base Layer

 MIZOS football base layers are worn by players and teams at all levels, from the Barclays Premier League, to the EFL and National League, right through the footballing pyramid. Our revolutionary manufacturing method combines vector spun yarn and jacquard knitting patterns to create 4 individual layers from skin side to air side, vapourising sweat and optimising performance. 

Perfomance Support Shorts

MIZOS football performance support shorts improve performance like no other performance shorts can. Our performance shorts are made from the highest quality lycra, which offers maximum muscle support. The shorts are available in different lengths and support styles, to suit personal preference and need, minimising the risk of injury and allowing the athlete to feel stronger whilst in play. 

Perfomance Socks

Elevate your game from head to toe with MIZOS football performance socks, made from a brand new complete mix of 60% cotton, 34% polyester and 6% elastane. With no hot spots, our performance socks remain tight fitting and supportive, no matter the number of washes or wears. With a unique silicon grip (just 0.2 of a milimetre), athletes only notice the amazing benefits and not the material.