Cycling is all about marginal gains, and with the MIZOS performance range, marginal gains matter. Make mountain climbs easier and stay ahead of the pack for longer, with our combination of cutting-edge technology and maximum comfort. Amongst other innovations, our range is available in different lengths, with rubberised GPS pockets and incredible waterproofing technologies. 

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Techincal INFO

Performance Base Layer

We mix high quality, vector spun yarn with advanced 3D jacquard knitting methods, to create ‘miniature mountains’ between 4 layers of fabric. MIZOS performance base layers wrap around the skin with tight fit technology, moving moisture from skin side to air side, by working with the body to spin water out through the fabric as vapour, so cyclists feel lighter and move faster, for longer.

Perfomance Support Shorts

Peak performance in cycling is about the body working together in harmony with the bike. MIZOS lets cyclists do exactly that with technological advances that make all the difference between winning and losing. The highest quality lycra, available in different lengths and support styles, offers unparalleled comfort and reassurance, no matter how long and hard the road ahead may be.

Perfomance Socks

Make the most of marginal gains and elevate your cycling performance with MIZOS performance socks, specifically designed for cyclists. MIZOS know that the race begins way before the starting line, and preparing for performance properly can make all the difference at the finishing line. MIZOS performance socks prioritise comfort and optimise performance for cyclists everywhere.