Introducing the cutting-edge MIZOS performance range, specially designed for cricket and worn by the likes of James Anderson. MIZOS optimises comfort and performance, enabling cricketers to reach the top of their game and stay there for longer. As you play and perform, our technologically advanced materials work to improve your performance and keep you ahead of the competition. 

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Techincal INFO

Performance Base Layer

Lighten the load and improve all aspects of your game with MIZOS, as we take comfort and performance to the next level for cricketers of all ages and stages. Our performance base layers are comprised of vector spun, high quality and ‘free from hair’ yarn, which has superior wicking capabilities to move moisture away from the body and out of the garment altogether, as vapour.

Perfomance Support Shorts

MIZOS cricket performance support shorts combine the same innovative technologies as our football performance shorts, with the added feature of an integral cricket box. Made from the highest quality lycra, and available in a range of different lengths, our performance shorts offer unrivalled comfort and maximum muscle support to athletes, wherever they need it most.

Perfomance Socks

Run, slide, jump and land with complete confidence that MIZOS performance socks are doing everything they can to improve your performance and help you win. With our unique MIZOS emblazoned silicon grip, barely noticeable but highly effective, our performance socks prevent the foot from sliding, eliminate toe bruising when bowling, and offer compressive ankle support.