The exact same cutting-edge technology that goes into our game changing performance ranges for other sports, goes in to our performance range for boxing. MIZOS has left no stone unturned in the search for a winning advantage, and neither should you in the search for an edge over your opponent, whether that’s in the gym or when it comes to fight night. 

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Techincal INFO

Performance Base Layer

Our performance base layers for boxing wick moisture away from the body and then out of the garment as vapour, through a series of mechanically knitted venturis. This does much more than traditional wicking, which takes moisture away from the body, only for it to sit in the fabric, weighing you down. With MIZOS in your corner, you can run, skip and train with full confidence.

Perfomance Support Shorts

Blisters in boxing can cause a problem, whether you’re sparring in the gym or staring down your opponent in the ring. MIZOS performance socks for boxing prevent any unwanted movement of the foot inside the boot, keeping your feet free from blisters and your head in the game. The unique silicon grip is backed up with the benefits of ankle support and a compressive, ‘tight fit’ feel.

Perfomance Socks

Elevate your game from head to toe with MIZOS football performance socks, made from a brand new complete mix of 60% cotton, 34% polyester and 6% elastane. With no hot spots, our performance socks remain tight fitting and supportive, no matter the number of washes or wears. With a unique silicon grip (just 0.2 of a milimetre), athletes only notice the amazing benefits and not the material.