Why settle for staying a mere step ahead of the ordinary, when you could embark on thrilling adventures with boundless possibilities? With an exceptional array of performance gear from MIZOS, adventurers of all levels, from seasoned explorers to novice trailblazers, can elevate their experiences and conquer new frontiers with unparalleled confidence.

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Performance Base Layer

MIZOS adventure base layers are embraced by adventurers and teams across all terrains, from the most challenging summits to the untamed wilderness, spanning every level of exploration. Our groundbreaking production technique intertwines vector spun yarn and intricate jacquard knitting designs, crafting four distinct layers from skin to sky, effectively evaporating moisture and enhancing performance to its peak potential.

Perfomance Support Shorts

MIZOS adventure performance support shorts enhance performance unlike any other adventure gear. Crafted from premium lycra renowned for its superior quality, these shorts provide optimal muscle support. Available in various lengths and support styles to cater to individual preferences and requirements, they effectively reduce the risk of injury, empowering adventurers to feel stronger and more capable during their expeditions.

Perfomance Socks

Enhance your adventure from head to toe with MIZOS adventure performance socks, meticulously crafted from an innovative blend of 60% cotton, 34% polyester, and 6% elastane. Engineered to perfection, our performance socks ensure a snug and supportive fit without any uncomfortable hot spots, maintaining their integrity wash after wash. Featuring a discreet yet effective 0.2 millimeter silicon grip, athletes experience unparalleled benefits without distraction, allowing them to focus solely on their exhilarating journey.