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Regulating and maintaining your temperature whilst running can be a difficult task. One that can often damage your required outcome by making the exercise more difficult. Our running base layers at Mizos eliminate this factor altogether. 

While competing in sports, running especially – regulating your body temperature is paramount and our base layers successfully do this whilst providing a plethora of added benefits to your overall performance. 

Regardless of your shape, size or age, our base layers are constructed from high-quality materials so you can be sure to get the most out of your running. Reach new heights with your own personal fitness goals with Mizos today.

Sweat Repellent Technology

When you are doing a high-intensity run or just a light jog – you’ll start to build up a sweat throughout your workout and with this, you might experience once you have stopped for either a break while you stretch or finish your run that you begin to feel cold sweats with can be dangerous in some situations. One of the most important aspects while running is that you are able to maintain your optimum temperature for maximum performance and our running base layers are perfectly designed for runners whether you are male or female.

Our high-quality sweat repellent technology that we’ve worked endlessly to perfect and are still taking to the next level will keep you in the lead and ahead of any competition regardless of what weather condition you may face over the year whether it’d be rain or shine.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

We have designed all of our base layers with advanced moisture-wicking fabrics that are able to successfully absorb sweat which is ideal for any runner as it’s crucial that during your runs that you feel comfortable as you’ll be able to perform at the highest level due to you not carrying any extra weight that your clothes carry as our base layer will go underneath your attire retaining your body temperature and dryer.

Being comfortable while running is something that we wanted to perfect when creating our base layers and the moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you running at your max level no matter what weather condition it may be throughout the year. Our base layers also allow more airflow in for your body to breathe easier.


Unlike any ordinary article of clothing, a base layer is specially designed to wick sweat away whilst keeping you dry when you are running.

Base layers can be worn regardless of the weather conditions or time of year as they will help regulate your body temperature when you are running in cold, wet or hot conditions. 

The running base layer collection at Mizos serves to fit like a second skin of sorts – in the winter, it will preserve your body heat meaning you will not be affected by the sharp nature of the cold air.

In the summer, they will wick sweat away – helping you to stay cool. Most of our range also features compression elements in their design. 

Besides keeping your body dry and assisting with temperature regulation – the tight fit of the base layer creates compression which provides improved blood circulation.

More often than not, you will often see runners wearing layers of clothing that will help with compression, this is due to the fact that these layers have been proven to assist in blood flow along with delayed muscle fatigue and increased performance.


At Mizos, we have perfected the running base layer to provide layers of clothing that will enhance your performance – regardless of the weather conditions. Cold weather is often the most common condition for runners/joggers to invest in a base layer.

The reason being is that they provide an extra layer of clothing that insulates and draws sweat from your skin – which in turn will make you dryer and warmer. 

Our products are also effective during wet conditions. Due to them being naturally breathable and extremely efficient at regulating body temperature, these base layers will retain body heat when wet.

These are also efficient during warm and hot days. Due to the high-tech fabrics that pull sweat away from your skin – this helps you to maintain an optimum body temperature while remaining dry at the same time.