Mizos Contact Sock

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Designed to offer maximum control, and zero slip movement within a sports shoe.

The sock is classed as a mid-high sock with additional ankle protection when used in a contact sport such as Football/Rugby with an optimum silicon pattern on the sole using a bespoke repeated silicone pattern of the Mizos Logo across the base of the sock.

The silicone pattern is shallow giving the feel of a sock with zero silicone but offering optimum grip. Other brands use a high dimple across the surface. This provides a good grip but causes foot aches due to the thick application of silicone.

Since introducing the Mizos Contact Sock professional footballers in the Premiership and Championship have switched from their previous brands stating the move is because of the comfort whilst wearing the Mizos Contact Sock whilst achieving optimum control and grip.

Small size goes up to size 8, and medium is size 9 and above.

Color: White w/ Black Mizos Logo