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Want to keep your body at the optimum temperature whilst playing football? Our football base layers are exactly what you need. At Mizos, we understand that regulating your body temperature whilst playing sports is a critical component of maximising your performance – football is no different. 

At Mizos, we craft all of our base layers with the sole intention of catering to any and every individual. We understand that everyone is different, that is why our base layers are created to maximise the performance of any individual. 

All of our base layers are crafted from the highest-quality materials so you can be sure to get the best quality underneath your football kits.

Sweat Repellent Technology

When you are playing football due to its high intensity and pushing your body to its limits you are going to be sweating throughout the match and when you go in at half-time for a break, you might have experienced your sweat going cold which can affect your performance in the second half as you’ve gone ‘stiff’. It’s important that you keep sweat at bay and our advanced sweat repellent will help you take your football game to the next level.

Our football base layers have helped many professionals with their high-quality materials.

These base layers will go under your kit that will perfectly regulate your body temperature regardless of any weather conditions that you might face throughout the year.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

We created our base layers with high-quality moisture-wicking fabrics that are tried and tested by many professional footballers across the United Kingdom – the reason why it’s crucial that you have a base layer that with moisture-wicking fabrics as they are able to push any moisture while playing outside meaning that you will be more comfortable and perform at a higher level plus cool down correctly after you have finished playing.

You shouldn’t be carrying any extra weight from moisture when playing also there is no need to worry if you feel you could be too warm during summer games as our base layers keep you at a cool temperature. You will be able to play restriction free when wearing our football base layers.

Created For Football

Various sports can often be demanding and taxing on your body. Therefore it is imperative that you are able to get the most out of your performance whilst making sure you are not exacerbating the chances of becoming injured. Hence the Football Base Layer at Mizos. What are base layers? Let us explain. 

Base layers are tight-fit layers of clothing that you wear underneath your football kits. A football base layer is made from a wicking material that is tasked with absorbing your perspiration – which in essence ensures that players don’t carry their body weight around during the match. 

Additionally, there are several benefits of wearing base layers whilst playing the beautiful game of football. As a base layer is trusted in regulating your body temperature – this in fact reduces the chances of injuries occurring whilst speeding up the recovery process. 

Our base layers at Mizos also improve your blood flow. Making them perfect for important games or training sessions alike.


At Mizos, we understand that fitting is the most important factor in clothing. Feeling comfortable in what you wear is an absolute must. Our base layers are meant to hug around your body without having the restrictive feeling that may deem them to be uncomfortable. 

The purpose of our base layers is to connect with your skin as they will then be able to operate efficiently. Our tight-fit, yet comfortable football base layers will reduce muscle osculation which will ensure your muscles are kept in line. This will prevent injuries in the future whilst enhancing the healing process of any issues you may find whilst out on the pitch.