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two men enjoying a bike ride on a rural back lane in wet conditions


Cycling in various weather conditions can often be a daunting challenge to face. Whether it be riding through the sharp winter or trudging through the hot summer – the varying weather conditions can make an already difficult ride all the more demanding. 

This is where the Mizos base layers can help with this burden. Our cycling base layers are designed to properly regulate your body temperature so that you will notice a rather substantial performance improvement. 

All of our products are specially designed to ensure that anyone of any shape or size can enjoy and improve their cycling performance. Our base layers are constructed from the highest quality materials, all of which are for a great price. 

Moisture Transferring Technology

When engaging in high-intensity athletic activity, you will sweat, and frequently, this is a sign of how hard you are working and shouldn’t be ashamed of showing it however, you also run the risk of your sweat cooling down, which can cause a significant drop in inner temperature. It is crucial to maintain a comfortable and proper body temperature when trying to perform at your best, and our cycling base layers are designed with this in mind.

You can use the base layers we design all year long since they are all constructed with premium moisture transferring technology, which sets us apart from the rest of the competiton.

Whatever the clothing, the base layer will fit flawlessly underneath often so comfortable that you won’t even recognise that it’s under there when you are cycling no matter what weather condition it may be!

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Our top-notch base layer will quickly absorb sweat from your body thanks to our superior moisture-wicking fabric. This is crucial because it enables you to feel at ease when you are cycling, which enables you to provide your maximum performance during your rides. It will help you stay dry while you perspire, but it’s also essential for keeping you cool when it’s hot and humid in the summer.

Making ensuring you are comfortable is one of the most important components of competing at a high standard, so that is why we created our base layers with the modern cyclist in mind so that you can ride with no problems during any type of weather across the year.

In addition to letting sweat disappear, it also allows airflow in for more comfort and breathability which is crucial for them on long-haul rides that are already extremely difficult anyway – you shouldn’t have the extra burden of not being comfortable.

Created For Cycling

Cycling base layers are essential items of clothing that you would wear under your ‘normal’ clothes. The difference between these is that base layers are specifically designed to hug around your body and through wicking – absorb your perspiration to effectively regulate your body temperature. 

Regarding when a base layer should be worn, a base layer is most effective when regulating body heat (or chill). Therefore, a well-constructed cycling base layer can be worn regardless of the weather conditions. Layering in hot weather conditions is good practice.

Our products at Mizos have been designed to wick and cool your temperature – allowing you to get the best performance, regardless of the conditions you choose to cycle through. 

Besides keeping your body dry and assisting with temperature regulation – the tight fit of the base layer creates compression which provides improved blood circulation. You will often see cyclists wearing layers of clothing that will help with compression, this is due to the fact that these layers have been proven to assist in blood flow along with delayed muscle fatigue and increased performance.


At Mizos, we have perfected the cycling base layer to provide layers of clothing that will enhance your performance – regardless of the weather conditions. Cold weather is often the most common condition for cyclists to invest in a base layer.

They provide an extra layer of clothing that insulates and draws sweat from your skin – which in turn will make you dryer and warmer. 

Our products are also effective during wet conditions. Due to them being naturally breathable and extremely efficient at regulating body temperature, these base layers will retain body heat when wet.

These are also efficient during warm and hot days. Due to the high-tech fabrics that pull sweat away from your skin – this helps you to maintain an optimum body temperature while remaining dry at the same time.