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New Zealand cricketer Daryl Mitchell with director of Mizos Apparel


At Mizos Apparel, we have a firm grasp towards the technology necessary towards regulating your body temperature during your workouts and sporting participation.

The performance layers that we provide have been specifically designed to control your body temperature. Through the assistance of our patented technology, will transfer the moisture from your sweat into the base layer itself - eventually evaporating.

This in turn will result in you performing at your best. 

Moisture Tranferring Technology

When you are playing cricket whether you are playing professionally or for fun on a weekend with your friends – whatever level you are bound to build up a sweat throughout the game and when you have played for a certain amount of time, once you’ve stopped while taking a well-needed break or you’ve finished – you’ll start to get that cold sweat feeling which isn’t good for recovery plus can sometimes be dangerous when not looked after properly.

One of the main aspects that you need to take into consideration when playing cricket is that you are maintaining your optimum temperature to help you reach your best level and we’ve taken the time to design and develop the ultimate cricket base layer regardless of what age, size or gender you are.

Many professional cricket teams have taken interest in our high-quality moisture transferring technology as it has helped take their player’s game to the next level. Get ahead of your competition plus whatever weather conditions you may play in over the year whether that would be sun or rainfall.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

All of our cricket base layers hold advanced moisture-wicking fabrics that are capable of successfully absorbing your perspiration meaning that you can feel comfortable playing at your highest level on the cricket field as you won’t be carrying any extra weight through your attire as our high-quality base layer fits ideally under your cricket kit so you can keep your body temperature right plus you reap amazing more benefits such as easier blood flow to reduce muscle injuries.

We wanted to create the perfect base layer for cricket players and our moisture-wicking technology shows that you will be able to play at your top level throughout all seasons. Our base layers were created as well to help the airflow in your body while playing so you can breathe a lot easier.

What Is A Cricket Base Layer?

Mizos Apparel has designed the Cricketing variant with many unique subtle differences. With Fast Bowlers, Spin Bowlers, Batsmen and Fielders. 

Bowlers with a sleeveless layer benefit from remaining dry throughout resulting in zero chills between overs. Also, the GPS pocket is positioned over the bowling shoulder measuring rotation and impact. Outfielders benefit from thermal protective sleeves colour match to paying kit 

What are Performance layers? Let us explain.

Mizos Performance Layers are lightweight supportive garments designed for all weather. The compression element is created via the makeup of the fabric which supports muscle groups whilst keeping the body dry during sporting activity. The technology keeps the body cool in hot temperatures and warm in colder conditions.

Through years of endless testing and development Mizos Apparel has produced the ultimate first layer.

cricket players and coach celebrating after a victory


It’s crucial when you are doing a sport like Cricket that you are looking into temperature regulation. Maintaining the correct temperature throughout playing, resting or finishing can not help you perform better but recover much quicker so you can last longer.

Our cricket base layers have been specially designed with high-quality materials and advanced technology that sets us apart from the competition such as superb moisture-wicking qualities which are perfect for battling wearing being damp, soggy clothes that can weigh you down and affect the quality of your performance.

We have successfully been tested and approved by professional cricket teams across the United Kingdom such as Lancashire Cricket Club and Leicestershire County Cricket.