Footballers wear compression base layers for a whole range of reasons - they can be seen wearing compression layers in a range of climates and at different times of the year too.

This can look odd to some people if they don’t understand why a football player makes wearing extra layers of clothing when they are going to perspire and become extremely heated when exercising.

You might have seen footballers on the TV or elsewhere with layers of clothing sitting underneath their kit. If you have wondered why they wear other pieces of clothing underneath their football kit and not just the kit alone then we are here to provide you with the answers.

Read on in this blog to find out why footballers wear compression tops, along with many examples of benefits that they bring to the body, muscles, player and overall game.



A compression top is a type of base layer that sits next to the skin, under any other layer of clothing or sports kit. They hold many benefits to the wearer for the muscles and the body.

Compression layers are recommended for those that play a whole range of different sports, and they are even considered an essential part of a kit for many sportspeople.

A compression top has to be a snug fit and sit as close to the skin as possible, without restricting or limiting the moment in any way. This allows for the compression layer to perform as it should and apply the benefits for which it has been designed.

Compression tops are excellent for providing support to the muscles in the upper body. Anyone can benefit from wearing a compression top including football players.



Base layers can often be mistaken for thermal layers instead. This makes many people neglect the use of base layers in warm weather or during the summer months.

Football is played during winter and summer, in the heat and the cold. This means that a base layer is perfect for football players all year round.

It is also common to assume that compression tops are only for sports that are physically more demanding on the upper body rather than the lower part, such as cricket for example. This is not true and many footballers wear base layers on their top half and reap the benefits of them.



Footballers exercise regularly, with intense training and games which result in a lot of stress on the body and muscles as well as physical expenditure, impacting their energy levels throughout the game.



Compression tops are specifically designed to improve blood flow and oxygen, keeping it moving around the body. This helps to keep a person moving and exercising for longer as it stops the body from getting tired from muscle fatigue.



Compression on the top half of the body, acts as a low-level massage, putting pressure on the muscles to minimise soreness.

Compression garments such as the Mizos Apparel Base Layer have a garment such as these high-performing base layers that help to add compression to the body.



Compression base layers don’t just add pressure to the top half of footballers’ bodies, but they also have technology that allows for temperature control.

Trapping in heat close to the body when it is cold and the fast drying ability allows players to remain cool and comfortable during hotter weather and when they have to deal with an increase in sweat.



The moisture-wicking abilities of compression tops help a football player to stay dry at all times. Keeping dry is essential for football players, as keeping dry means that they will be comfortable too.

The lightweight nature of the fabric is fast absorbing and has fast drying times too, it won’t weigh players down. The fast absorption allows the garment to wick moisture quickly away from the skin, for optimum performance and for staying dry and comfortable.



One of the main and most important factors for why footballers wear compression base layers, as well as the temperature control and comfortability factor, is the performance benefits it gives them.

Compression is a major factor for why base layers help to boost performance. This is because compression adds a level of pressure to the body and the muscles.

The additional pressure stops the muscles from vibrating and supports them whilst they work hard, limiting the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.

Muscle vibration is a key reason for causing an unnecessary loss of energy for football players as well as many other sports.

Compression hugs the muscles whilst also amazingly helping to prevent injury too. In a sport such as football, injuries are likely and common, prevention, in this case, is a lot better than the cure.

This makes compression tops and other compression base layers an absolute must for footballers, especially at a professional level.

Limiting muscle fatigue, preventing injury, and improving blood and oxygen flow essentially allow footballers to play for longer and more intensely. This is the reason why they are worn and favoured so much by football players.



Mizos Apparel base layers can be seen on many professional footballers in the English Football League, as seen on players from clubs such as Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Halifax Town and Blackpool F.C.

Mizos Apparel’s compression base layer tops are made for football. The quality of our products is the reason why they are favoured by professional clubs. Our products have become a crucial part of player's kits, for games and training sessions equally.

Looking after your muscles and regulating temperature and speeding up recovery times are the reasons why they are not to be missed out on.

Check out the Mizos website for more information about our top products as well as more information about what we do. If you need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to advise you.

Written by Geoff Robinson

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