Cycling is a good form of exercise and sport - you can participate in cycling all year round, whatever the weather. Cycling also makes for a practical commute and a healthy way to get to work for many.

Professional or amateur, cycling can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and ability, although cycling in the winter is a lot less popular than in the summer months when it is nicer weather.

Cycling can still be enjoyed throughout the winter, as long as you have the right winter riding gear for cycling that will protect you from the elements of winter here in the UK. Read on to learn more about what you should be wearing for your rides this winter.


Base Layers for Cycling UK

Having the right cycling kit is very important whatever level you are at and it can make the world of difference to you. The right clothing for cycling can even impact your performance and overall cycling experience in a positive way.

Base layers are one of the most important layers you can wear in many sports, including cycling. This is because base layers are the layer that sits next to your skin and conducts all of its performance-enhancing features. It has to be the right fit, sitting snugly against the body without being restrictive.

Base layers should give cyclists the ability to move freely while giving performing their benefits. Some of the benefits that base layers provide for cyclists can be found below.


Temperature Regulation

Maintaining the optimum body temperature is important when cycling. With your legs constantly moving and with no free hands to spare, there is little you can do to cool down when riding a bike. Having a base layer helps you to remain comfortable as it regulates your body’s temperature.

Trapping in heat close to the body when it is hot or cold wicks any perspiration away, keeping you cool. The material dries almost instantly keeping you dry and cool at all times and not weighing you down.


Moisture Wicking

When cycling, you do not have a chance to wipe away perspiration that comes naturally to us and our bodies when we exercise, especially when exercising intensely.

A base layer is absorbent so it attracts any sweat and moisture from your body. This fast absorption is what allows the material to wick any moisture away from the skin and away from the body, keeping cyclists dry and comfortable at all times.

The lightweight nature of the fabric in base layers is what allows it to dry so quickly. The fast dry ability will ensure a cyclist or any sportsperson is not weighed down by unnecessary weight from the garment that has absorbed any perspiration.


Performance Enhancer

Base layers for cycling can ultimately enhance your performance. They apply pressure to the muscles that give them support and prevent the build-up of lactic acid and therefore muscle fatigue.

When on the roads and cycling, muscle fatigue is the last thing cyclists want to endure. They must keep going, most importantly, for their own safety whilst being out on the roads. With it being winter, wet, slippery and soaked roads can make for a harder cycle. This is when base layers come in even more useful.

Base layers add compression to the body which helps the muscles to keep going for longer. This is a huge benefit for cyclists in particular - especially in the winter, when cycling in the cold can be considerably more challenging.


Injury Prevention

Providing support to the muscles limits the chance of injury by a considerable amount. This is ideal for those that cycle for long periods, on tough terrain or competitively.

Repetitive movements such as cycling can strain, ache and cause pain to the muscles - with the help of a compression base layer, common injuries such as these can be greatly avoided.

Prevention of injury in any sport such as cycling is much better and a lot easier than the cure and the rehabilitation aftermath of an injury.

The prevention of injuries means you will be free to cycle all winter long. If you are prone to injuries, you should not be without a cycling base layer - they can really help you.


What Clothing to Wear When Cycling in the Winter

Cycling in the winter can be challenging and tough. With harsh weather conditions taking a turn at any given moment, it can be daunting to face. With the right cycling gear fit for winter, any challenging weather will be more manageable.

Read below to find out what cycling gear you should be wearing in the winter, which will help you to keep as warm and dry as possible.


Base Layer Tops

A base layer top will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, thanks to its top-quality material, absorbing sweat, retaining heat and wicking moisture away from the body for a dry and comfortable ride always, no matter what the weather is doing.

Base layer tops also provide compression to the upper half of the body. This allows a cyclist to cycle for longer periods, improving blood circulation.

Opt for a long-sleeve base layer top for the winter months, for added warmth and for trapping in the maximum amount of heat.


Base Layers Bottoms

Get some cycling base layer bottoms, you can choose from shorts or leggings. Leggings are the best option for cycling in the winter.

Not only will base layer bottoms wick moisture away and keep you dry from perspiration, but the fast drying nature of them will also help to keep you dry from the rain and from the spray from the wet roads.


Winter Gloves

Cycling gloves are a must for the winter months. Your hands are fully exposed when cycling, with them on the handlebars means they will take on the harsh wind and rain, you must cover up your hands with proper cycling gloves, to not lose any grip or dexterity.



Your final layer on your top half should of course be a waterproof and weatherproof cycling jacket or coat. The appropriate coat should offer you suitable movement for cycling in, should not ride up, and should shelter you from the rain and the wind keeping you warm and dry as you ride.


Mizos Cycling Base Layers

The bottom line is that when cycling in winter you must ensure you have the right, breathable, absorbent, thermal and waterproof layers on your body that can provide you with everything you need to take on any weather that comes your way whilst on your road bike.

Our base layers from Mizos Apparel are made from the very best quality so that you can perform your best.

View our cycling base layers on our website that you can buy, suitable for the winter and the summer months too. These pieces have the technology and special engineering in their specially formulated fabric that makes them so versatile all year round.

Come to Mizos Apparel today for all your base layer needs, we are loved by professional sports people and it shows in the quality of our products. Get in touch if you need any additional information, advice, or have any questions that you need to ask.

Written by Geoff Robinson

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