Cricket is often associated with being a summer sport, and whilst this is true, there are exceptions and reasons why the sport is played during the months of winter too.

Whether you have been playing cricket as a winter sport for a while, or you might have just taken it up. It is possible to wonder about the correct kit to wear during this time of year.

Dressing appropriately for any sport and time of the year is key to whether or not you have an enjoyable game, are comfortable, and most importantly, make sure your performance is not affected by wearing the wrong kind of clothing.

Read this blog post today if you would like to know more about what you should be wearing when playing cricket during the winter.


Cricket Kit

Cricket players can be on the field for hours at a time. A match can last generally between 7.5 to 8 hours and can be played all in one day. There are breaks in between the game but players can be expected to perform for hours.

This means you must be wearing the correct garments of clothing in order to be comfortable for long lengths of time.

The right clothing and materials can ensure you are kept at the right temperature and most importantly can perform to the optimum levels without clothing hindering your performance in any way.


Do You Play Cricket In Winter?

Yes, often cricket clubs play in the winter - and there is a regional and national six-a-side indoor club competition.

During cricket season in the summer, a game of cricket is often called off mid-game if there is a heavy downpour of rain. This happened quite frequently due to the unpredictable British summertime weather.

Cricketers find it extremely difficult to see the ball when fielding and batting in the rain, which is the reason for it to be called off. The ball also becomes heavy as it gets wet and soggy, because of this, cricket is often not played outdoors in the winter when the weather is even worse.

However, playing cricket outdoors in winter is not impossible and after all, it is an ideal time for players to practise before the main cricket season begins. This is why many choose to play and train during the off-season.

Indoor cricket is often played and aimed at those who have experience playing cricket and cannot play outside in the winter.

With outdoor training out of the question most of the time, indoor cricket is beneficial for players so that they can work on their batting and bowling techniques as well as running, catching and wicket-keeping too.


What to Wear for Winter Cricket

If you are going to play cricket in the winter, whether it is indoors or outdoors you will want to be wearing the right kind of thing. Pay attention to the type of materials in your garments.

For cricket clothing, polyester, wool and spandex are considered to be good choices. Merino wool is particularly useful in the winter as it has a warm nature and allows you to retain heat, all with a fast drying ability too. Polyester is a lighter fabric and so is favoured more in the summer.

You can still wear your traditional cricket jumper during winter. Those classic cricket pieces have been worn since the very beginning of the sport, and most players continue to wear the knitted vest to this day.

Your cricket jumper or vest is designed to keep you warm, which is beneficial throughout all of the seasons when fielding, as long periods on the field can get stagnant and chilly.

Therefore, you should continue to wear your cricket knits throughout the winter months if you intend on playing cricket during the colder seasons, to help you get your practice in.


Base Layers for Cricket Players

Base layers can be worn in any sport, so, therefore, can be benefitted from by cricket players too.

Whatever you decide to wear for cricket in the winter, make sure you have a base layer underneath all your other items of clothing and feel the results for yourself.

Base layers are fantastic for cricketers, they can help you and the body in many ways. As a game of cricket can go on for many hours, having a base layer is essential.

They also provide you benefits in hot weather, as well as colder weather. This means that they can be perfect for your winter cricket attire.


Keeps You Warm

Firstly and most importantly for the winter weather. Base layers help to keep you warm. This is because of the snug fit, being so close to the body is what allows these special layers to trap in heat close to the body keeping players warm - a bit like a thermal layer would.


Keeps You Dry

Unlike thermal layers, base layers also act by keeping you dry too. This is due to their fast-drying nature and their ability to absorb moisture, wicking it away from the skin and away from the body.

This is especially important in the winter months, especially if you do happen to be playing outdoors, as wet clothing against the skin in cold weather or even when it is chilly indoors would cause players to catch a chill. Ultimately this is bound to affect your performance as a cricketer.


Minimises the Risk of Injury

Supporting the muscles is what base layers are great for and well known for. Compression is added to the body and this helps the muscles to be supported as they perform and work hard.

Muscles that are working extremely hard, especially in the winter will be more prone to injury. They will also be losing more energy as they will be attempting to keep warm whilst trying to work. With the compression along with retaining heat, you can be reassured as a cricketer playing in winter that your body and muscles are protected.

Limiting the amount of lactic acid buildup in the muscles and limiting energy loss is what base layers are great for. Check out this blog on how to avoid injuries in cricket. 


Speeds Up Recovery Times

Support, before, during and after your game of cricket can help to speed up recovery times and limit the amounts of aches and pains the body feels.


Mizos Apparel Base Layers

Check out our range of cricket base layers from Mizos Apparel. Our base layers are made of the highest quality and it shows, they are favoured by many professional sportspeople and teams.

Choose from a range of long-sleeved or our special sleeveless cricket base layer, perfect for allowing your arms the movement required for high speed and strenuous batting and bowling whilst retaining all the benefits of our base layers on your torso and keeping you warm during winter games.

If you have any questions, do feel free to get in contact with our team. All of our contact details can be found on our website and one of the experts will be happy to advise you. In the meantime do browse our website for more information about our products.

Written by Geoff Robinson

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