Cricketers have to put their bodies through a lot of physical expenditure during a game of cricket. Preventing injuries is a must if they wish to last the whole game and perform to the best of their abilities, especially during the cricket season.

Base layers are a great addition to an outfit of a cricket player. Complete with the essential features including compression, base layers are a beneficial element to anyone's game, that no player should be without. They can largely reduce the risk of upper limb injuries, lower limb injuries or low back pain too for example.

We bring you this blog post today to discuss how to avoid cricket injuries. Preventing injuries in cricket is extremely important, especially for those players who play at a high level.


Base Layers for Cricketers

Base layers are great for cricketers. Like many sports and exercises, they can help support the body in many ways.

The game of cricket can go on for hours at a time - and during this time, cricketers are required to perform. Physically exercising for hours at a time and playing to the best of your abilities can be very challenging. This is where the help and support of a quality base layer comes in.

The upper body, especially of cricket players, will suffer from strain and potential pain. Protecting the muscles before, during and after play is key in preventing injuries.

Base layers can be worn on the torso as a top form and also on the legs too, in the form of leggings or shorts.


How to Avoid Injuries in Cricket

There are a few essential things that you can make sure that you do that will help to prevent injury if you play cricket.

  • Do a proper warm-up - including stretching and heart rate elevation
  • Cool down properly - gradually lower heart rate, restore oxygen and blood circulation, remove lactic acid waste products and reduce soreness
  • Hydrate yourself - dehydration can result in the lack of blood flowing through the muscles which can cause injury
  • Sports massages - these can help flush your muscles of waste products and release tight knots, lumps and bumps
  • Eat well - carbohydrates are important for refuelling the muscles and proteins are essential for muscle rebuilding. Vitamins and minerals are also essential for muscle-related recovery
  • Sleep - get enough sleep. This is when your body has the chance to recover
  • Wear the right clothing - wear your base layer to reap the amazing benefits that they can bring to your body and your muscles - including the prevention of injury

Follow the guidance from this list and you are likely to suffer fewer injuries when playing cricket.


Benefits Base Layers Can Provide for Cricket Players

A lot of the benefits that base layers can provide you with involve the avoidance of injury during exercise. They can avoid injury for cricketers and many other sportspeople too.

Compression is one of the big benefits that help support and provide the muscles with so many benefits that help to reduce the risk of injury. Read on to find out more information on this.


Promotes Blood Flow

Compression helps with blood and oxygen flow around the body. This helps the body to perform well during cricket and therefore will prevent any injury from occurring due to the healthy blood flow.

Blood flow will also be increased to the area that is being compressed - in cricket, the torso for example. This is likely to give that compressed area a boost when performing intense exercise.


Reduces Build-up of Lactic Acid

Cricket batting and bowling require constant power in the upper body, including the arms. This will increase the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Too much lactic acid can cause the muscles to get tired and not be able to contract as well.

Limiting the amount of lactic acid that builds up in your muscles allows you to play harder, and longer and enables you to recover faster from cricket and prevent future injury.


Supports the Muscles

Base layers support your muscles before, during and after exercise. Supporting during all three of these times can prevent any shock to the muscles, and support them whilst they are working, warming up and cooling down. This will reduce any swelling and tension in the muscles that have been caused by batting and/or bowling for long periods.

Compression helps take away any unnecessary stress from the body and can help improve muscle repair after exercise too. Taking care of the support of the muscles before injury occurs will help prevent injuries from happening.


Helps With Muscle Fatigue

Ultimately, base layers you to train for longer and harder. An essential part of playing cricket is being able to train for long periods. Tired muscles are more likely to get hurt.


Stops Muscle Vibrations

This helps minimise the risk of injury due to the supportive nature of the base layers. Base layers support the muscles with compression in a way that will minimise the vibration of the muscles, this will stop energy from being wasted.


Mizos Apparel’s Final Note

Now you are aware of how base layers can help you avoid injuries in cricket, it is now the time to invest. It is important to invest in a quality base layer such as our Mizos Apparel Base Layer.

It is high performing and tried and tested to give you amazing benefits to help you perform your base, for long hours and to help you avoid those common cricket injuries and other sports-related injuries.

If you play cricket and are left feeling sore or stiff afterwards, then you will definitely benefit from a base layer to prevent any soreness.

At Mizos Apparel, we have different base layers to suit men and women and different kinds of sports too. Be sure to check out our base layers for men and our base layers for women on our website.

Need any advice? Contact us and one of our experts will be happy to get back to you.

Written by Geoff Robinson

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